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Responsive Branding

A buzz term you hear a lot of in the design industry is Responsive Websites. In a time where the size of the viewers screen changes from 4 inches to 5 feet to a 70 foot interactive billboard, the world of graphic design and has become a lot more complicated.

But what about the world of branding. A traditional brand book is a guide book containing a fixed set of rules that a company needs to follow, ensuring that their brands visual identity doesn't get diluted across various mediums. For instance, a business card should share the same icons, colors and typefaces that a billboard or web site might have.

The issue designers have today is that traditional brands need to me more flexible to accommodate the mediums used.

Whereas responsive web sites need to resize to fit the size of the screen, brands components need to be responsive to the medium on which they are reproduced.

Designers need to design logo that will look good on a 3 inch mobile screen and just as good on the side of a truck, with resolutions from 50 to 500 dpi.

So the new buzzword I would like to introduce is "Responsive Brand Identity".

So, here are some action points: Design logos in vertical and horizontal format. Create rules for headers, footers, type, photo treatment that adapt to the vehicle they are displayed on, ensuring that they always maintain brand integrity thought all devices,  all mediums, and all sizes.

Paul Sewell