What are we getting up to?


Virtual Prototypes

One area where computers have made a huge impact is in packaging design. Creating a Prototype is time consuming and expensive and you will usually make a number of them at various stages in the design process before you finished a project.

3D Rendering has created a whole new way for clients to visualize the work of packaging designers.

With the advent of CAD and 3D rendering it is now a fairly straight forward task to create a virtual prototype and wrap your 2D design around it.

Where this really comes into its own is when you want to see what multiple products look like on-shelf. Now duplicating a product is as simple as copy/paste. 

We can show a client what a product will look like in a tray, on a shelf, or even create an entire pallet. You can visualize it from a number of angles or even create a movie.

This gives the creative a greater range to experiment and find the perfect solution to a design problem. And because there is less time involved, that can reflect in the clients final invoice.


Paul Sewell