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We push the limits to create marketing-infused branding

South East Six engages in all types of design projects, including corporate communications, brand identity, promotion, packaging, interactive and environmental systems. Over the course of 30 years, owner of South East Six, Paul Sewell has won national and international awards for his work and has been the creative force behind many successful brand identities. The work on this website represents a sampling of projects that Paul has directed over the years as well as his latest projects produced under South East Six.

We believe that the most effective design has a narrative thread. It communicates, it promotes understanding, and it makes the complex simple. It's how we help our clients tell the story of who they are and what they value.

Brand Strategy

A brand is a promise.

A brand identity has to go beyond great design, it needs to penetrate into the mind of the consumer. It solves problems and answers questions. A brand has to be flexible enough to look good on a multitude of platforms. for a variety of audiences.


We create packaging that gets you noticed in a crowded marketplace. 

Whether you are walking down a store aisle or browsing online, there are thousands of products competing for your attention. It is our job to create packaging that not only catches your client's eye but also keeps you at the forefront of their minds. 


You deserve an amazing logo for your business.

A logo needs to convey, in an instant, the personality of your brand. It's a figurehead that is at the core of of your identity. It doesn't have to convey what your company does but it does have to imply your company's personality and voice.


With every project we take on, we feel it’s important that the relationship between the agency and the client is a true collaboration. We encourage regular meetings and brainstorming sessions to ensure that everyone has a voice and that the project is always moving forward in the right direction.
— Paul Sewell


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