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Case Study - My Perfect Pet Food Rebrand


My Perfect Pet Food is an all natural pet food company based in Southern California. They offer a line of lightly cooked pet food and treats using 100% human grade ingredients. Their products include six key flavors and 3 unique blends formulated for dogs with special dietary needs. They also have a line of healthy treats and snacks.

With every project we take on, we feel it’s important that the relationship between the agency and the client is a true collaboration. There has to be regular meetings and brainstorming sessions to ensure that everyone had a voice and that the project moves forward in the right direction. - Paul Sewell


The client sought to consolidate and update their core brand platform. They felt that their existing identity, which had served them well up to this point, needed an upgrade. After meeting with them and listening carefully to their needs and concerns a direction was agreed upon. The new brand needed to be uncluttered and reflect the simplicity and quality of their ingredients.


Sewell Studio was hired to create a new logo and update their existing identity which included packaging, collateral material, and point-of-purchase displays. The process started with extensive research and a detailed competitor analysis. From there a positioning strategy was created that closely followed the company’s mission. 

The goal was to develop a clean and distinct brand identity that connected with the clients demographic. A brand that would be familiar to existing customers while conveying a message that would entice new ones. The packaging had to be bold and clearly visible in the refrigerated displays it was typically placed in. The color palette had to be light enough to stand out in these sometimes poorly lit situations yet rich to emphasize the premium quality of the product. 

To promote the company as a family owned and operated business that truly cared about animal health and well-being it was important to include the company’s unique story on the back of every bag. 

Two paws reaching around from behind each bag were added to create a distinct, playful element that would differentiate them on-shelf from the other brands.

The final brand was truly a collaboration between agency and client and the results speak for themselves.

“South East Six always made us feel like we were part of the process. They listened to us, worked with us, and in the end created a brand identity that fits our core mission and values. We were equally impressed with the discipline and depth of their process. They took the time to understand our history and our vision, and created for us an identity that draws deeply from both.” - My Perfect Pet Food


Paul Sewell