What are we getting up to?


The Kern County Family Justice Center & Operation for Hope - "Make the Call", 2018 Poster Campaign

The Operation For HOPE Foundation is a non-profit organization raising awareness about domestic violence and the resources available to respond and prevent this issue.

Since 2005, the Foundation remains committed to raising awareness in the prevention of violence with targeted awareness and prevention campaigns in a given community. Campaigns provide vital information about the access to help and resources to domestic violence victims.

Operation For HOPE Foundation came to South East Six Design Co. with the objective to design a poster that grabbed the attention of the public while showing victims that there is a safe place to get help.

Previous posters campaigns have included the likes of Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk, NFL Hall of Fame Running Back LaDainian Tomlinson and NBA Power forward David West. This year, with needs in Kern County, California, Derek and David Carr, current and former quarterbacks in the NFL, joined in collaboration to raise awareness.


The poster was unveiled on January 16th this year and has received a positive response from the public.

To find learn more about Operation For HOPE Foundation, please visit OperationForHOPE.org.

Paul Sewell