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Today we would like to announce the strategic partnership between ObjectView, Ltd and SouthEastSix, LLC.

Object.View, Ltd. provides project management and bespoke software development services. They have developed software that integrates with blood analysers to produce point of care solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, integrating the results into existing laboratory information systems as well as managed many infrastructure updates and installations.

They develop applications in various languages on multiple platforms. Unix systems, Microsoft .Net c++, c# and visual basic. They can also integrate tablet and mobile applications into existing or bespoke server applications, providing web user interfaces for cross platform access.

Recently Objectview needed a branding and design firm with knowledge of user interface design to collaborate on a Biotech solution for a patient drug transfer system. The final product had to be a true WYSIWYG solution. The forms would be filled out online via HTML or PDF andvalidated by the physician utilizing a cloud based, HIPA compliant, signature solution. The information not only had to reside in the cloud but also needed to be printed in physical form. The challenge was to have the forms work seamlessly and look identical over various platforms and mediums.

That’s where San Diego based branding and design firm, SouthEastSix, LLC came in. With their knowledge of branding and user interface design they were able to create an elegant solution that looked identical as HTML, PDF, or a printed form. They also had to create the look and feel of the web site that would host the forms.

Objectview Responsive Monitors.jpg

“The synergy between our two companies enables us to create solutions that, individually, neither of us had the knowledge or resources to create” said SouthEastSix Creative Director, Paul Sewell. “We are looking forward to a long partnership that will benefit our clients and give them the edge over their competition.”

Lee Spokes, Objectviews CEO added “The fact the two companies are in different countries, with an 8 hour time difference has given us a unique advantage. We would get changes in the UK late afternoon and, because of the time difference, those changes were on the clients desk first thing the next morning. There is also the added advantage that we now have a foothold in both the European, and USA arenas. It gives us a reach that we never had before”

For more information, contact:

Objectview at Lee.Spokes@objectview.co.uk 
Telephone: +44 1727 809256
Web: www.objectview.com


South East Six, LLC at: paul.sewell@southeastsix.com
Telephone+1 619 347 3268
Web: www.southeastsix.com